Frequently Asked Questions

What size is right for me?

Small fits cup sizes A-C, Large fits cup sizes D-H. See our Fit & Wear sizing and adjustability charts.

How long can I heat the NuzzleHUG™?

Product should be comfortably warm, never hot to the touch. Fold so circle pockets are laying flat on top of each other and wrap the neck band around them. Set on clean microwave-safe plate. Microwave for 1 MINUTE 30 SECONDS. If additional heat is required, heat in 15 second increments until desired warmth is achieved. DO NOT exceed 2 MINUTES 30 SECONDS total heating time limit per use. CAUTION: NEVER heat this product if it is wet. Continuous low heat on one area can burn you, shift position of product while in use.

Who can use the NuzzleHUG™?

Although the NuzzleHUG™ was originally created to aid nursing moms, it’s also great for women experiencing discomfort from breast surgery, breast cancer treatments, Raynaud’s disease, hot flashes and PMS. It can even be worn around the waist to soothe low back pain, menstrual cramps and endometriosis discomfort.

Where can I buy Nuzzle products?

Purchase directly on our secure website or at these lactation clinics and retail stores.

How do I clean the NuzzleHUG™?

Remove ALL three inner NuzzlePOD™ components from outer cover.  INNER NUZZLEPOD COMPONENTS ARE NOT WASHABLE DUE TO NATURAL RICE FILLING. To wash outer cover, machine or hand wash cool delicate, tumble dry low or air dry.

What are the inner NuzzlePOD components filled with?

100% natural rice.

Can I wash the inner NuzzlePOD™ components?

No, do not wash the rice filled NuzzlePOD™ components (and never heat them if they ever get wet).

What else can I use the NuzzleHUG™ for?

Check out other ways to wear the NuzzleHUG™ for soothing therapy.