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Getting professional help is important

If you are experiencing clogged milk ducts, mastitis or nipple discomfort, please see an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). An IBCLC can help identify the real problem (such as, but not limited to) latch or positioning. They can also provide personalized recommendations and specific instructions on if, when and how to use warm and cold therapy in addition to your nursing regimen. Ailments such as cracked nipples, blebs/nipple blisters, vasospasm/nipple blanching, or clogged milk ducts may lead to more serious issues if not treated properly. An IBCLC is your #1 resource for lactation support and guidance. Find services near you through La Leche League or ILCA.

Benefits of the NuzzleHUG™ thermal breast & neck therapy system

The NuzzleHUG can be used to help soothe a variety of issues throughout a mother’s nursing experience; from engorgement (cool therapy) to clogged milk ducts or encouraging milk flow (warm therapy), to aiding mastitis discomfort (warm and cool therapy), and all the way through weaning. The NuzzleHUG can be especially helpful at the critical three-month mark when many nursing women head back to work. By promoting milk flow and easing tension, the NuzzleHUG makes it easier for mom to keep nursing comfortably for as long as she chooses.

  • Encourage let-down
  • Help encourage milk flow
  • Help maintain open milk ducts
  • Aid discomfort from mastitis
  • Ease afterpains and lower back 
  • Soothe pelvic cramps
  • Soothe neck tension
  • Reduce engorgement swelling
  • Soothe tenderness between feedings
  • Aid discomfort when weaning
  • Soothe pelvic area after C-section

  • Hands-free solution gives you freedom to go about your day.
  • Create just the right fit for you with a range of different length settings.
  • Versatile design allows the NuzzleHUG to be worn around neck to soothe upper body or worn around the waist to soothe lower torso.
  • For warm therapy, wear fuzzy side toward body; for cooling comfort, wear colorful print-side toward body.
  • Machine wash outer covers in warm delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or line dry. Inner NuzzlePOD® components are not washable due to natural rice filling.

NuzzleHUG™ is currently offered in two sizes:

NuzzleHUG™ is currently offered in a Small and a Large.
The Small fits cup sizes A-C with a diameter coverage of 8” per breast and a waist range of 24"-36". The Large fits cup sizes D-H with a diameter coverage of 11” per breast and a waist range of 28"-41".
Not your size? We hope to offer more sizes in the future!


Adjustable for just the right fit

There are several length adjustment settings to fit both upper body and lower body.
For upper body adjustment, button each circle pocket to button-hole setting on the body band, allowing each circle pocket to be centered over nipples. Readjust setting for lower body as needed.

Adjustable for just the right fit

As an alternative wear method,  you may also wear the inner removable NuzzlePOD™ components independently from the NuzzleHUG™ outer covers. Our patent pending features allow the NuzzlePOD™ breast pad components the ability to attach to the outside of ANY bra, camisole or tank top. This allows the cool to transfer better with less layers of fabric. If treating mastitis or have a need for immediately alternating warm and cool therapy (to encourage good blood circulation to aid in healing), we suggest keeping an extra set of the NuzzlePOD™ breast pads on hand, in the freezer. Now sold separately in select stores.

Versatile soothing therapy

Wear around neck or waist to soothe upper body, pelvic or lower back tension.

Heating and Cooling instructions


CAUTION, MICROWAVES VARY IN POWER. ALWAYS CAREFULLY TEST TEMPERATURE BEFORE WEARING. Product should be comfortably warm, never hot to touch. Heat only in a microwave.

Fold so circle pockets are laying flat on top of each other and wrap the body band around them.
Set on clean microwave-safe plate.

Refer to suggested heating time chart below for heating a fully assembled small or large NuzzleHUG. If additional heat is required beyond initial time, rotate or flip product then heat in 10 seconds increments until desired warmth is achieved. DO NOT HEAT BEYOND TOTAL MAX HEATING TIME!

Wear fuzzy side toward body for optimal warm coziness.

Suggested heating time for microwaving full NuzzleHUG - minute (min)/seconds (s)
  700 Watts
initial heat - total max
1,000 Watts
initial heat - total max
1,250 Watts
initial heat - total max
SMALL NuzzleHUG 1:35 min/s - 1:55 min/s 55 s - 1:15 min/s 50 s - 1:00 min
LARGE NuzzleHUG 2:00 min/s - 2:30 min/s 1:25 s - 1:55 min/s 1:00 min - 1:20 min/s


Place into sealable freezer bag. Store in freezer for 3 hours or overnight.

Wear printed side (colored fabric) toward body for cooling therapy.

For an even cooler sensation, you may also wear the internal, removable NuzzlePOD® breast pad components independently by attaching them to the outside of your bra.


NEVER heat this product if it is wet!

Continuous low heat on one area can burn you, shift position of product while in use!

Consult physician or lactation professional before use if medical conditions exist!

People with diabetes, circulatory diseases or decreased skin sensitivity should seek medical advice before using!

Washing Care


Remove ALL 3 NuzzlePOD™ components from outer cover before washing - two breast, one neck.

To wash outer cover; machine wash on warm delicate cycle or hand wash, tumble dry low or air dry.