Our Concern & Our Mission

Nursing mothers share an extraordinary bond with their babies—but nursing discomfort can interfere with that closeness. It can even cause a mother to stop nursing well before she intends to, depriving mother and baby of the overwhelming benefits of breast feeding.

At Nuzzle™, we are dedicated to soothing a nursing mom’s painful lactation issues with warm and cool thermal therapies — minus all the fuss. By promoting milk flow and easing tension, our NuzzleHUG™ product makes it easier for mom to keep nursing comfortably for as long as she chooses. We offer soothing products to nurture mom, so she can nourish baby.

Our Story

When I became a mom, I wanted to provide the best for my baby; breast milk and love. But the breastfeeding part was not as easy as expected. My nursing discomforts and severe neck tension interfered with bonding and made it difficult to provide the perfect nutrition of breast milk. I had several attempts with using traditional warm and cold therapies, but they were messy, awkward, unsightly and uncomfortable.

On visits to the lactation clinic, they would suggest a frozen bag of peas or zippy bag full of ice for my engorgement and tenderness. And for my clogged ducts and low milk supply (and a stint of mastitis), the warm recommendations were either a hot shower, drippy washcloths or stiff gel packs that had to be held or stuffed inside my bra (which was already at max capacity) and placed directly onto some very, very sensitive skin. I could not believe there wasn’t anything better out there!

With my determination to breastfeed, desire for something simple and convenient and my 20 years of experience as an industrial designer, I began designing the patents-pending NuzzleHUG. The result of my effort is a natural, easy-to-use, microwaveable and freezable, all-in-one thermal breast and neck therapy solution that can be easily worn over your clothes. (No need to lift your shirt up and stuff your bra!) Friends started asking to borrow "that cool thing you made,” followed by requests to make them for baby showers. Actually, my very first sale was to a woman who bought one for a friend having a double mastectomy; that’s when I realized the NuzzleHUG could help women of all ages and stages of breast health.

There was a magical moment that occurred late one night while love-gazing down at my nursing baby #2. I had never felt so perfectly complete before. I was overwhelmed not just with joy and love for my growing family, but with relief that I had finally figured out what life was all about. I created Nuzzle to honor that, to honor women and to never let go of my transformational moment.

Let the milk flow, let the love grow!

Christine Enderby, Creator and CEO